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The batches were analyzed in back-to-back assays to lớn minimize interassay variation.

Headers and footers can be more phàn nàn one line long, vary for odd and even pages (handy if your copy will be printed back-to-back), and include formatting and other commands.

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I have in my hand photographs of my old constituency as it was with its back-to-back houses, its derelict spaces and its slums.

For many people, things have hardly changed in the austere surroundings of the back-to-back terraced houses.

The back-to-back houses in different parts of the country are abominable.

The old squares and back-to-back houses were pulled down to lớn put up tower blocks.

The occupants, in the main, are people who have been decanted, if that is the word, from back-to-back houses on to lớn new housing estates.

I began life in a small two-up, two-down, back-to-back dwelling backing on to lớn a railway embankment—very humble beginnings.

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Very few people nowadays buy a hi-fi system unless it has a back-to-back taping system.

These were mainly in streets of small, two-storeyed houses in terraces, but there were few tenements, and no back-to-back houses.

Why did it appear easier to lớn ventilate back-to-back tenements phàn nàn it was to lớn ventilate back-to-back houses?

He would have thought that back-to-back houses were much more salubrious phàn nàn back-to-back tenements.

If two back-to-back houses were dealt with under this scheme and if they were made into one "patched" house, they would draw two subsidies.

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It contained the most appalling slums, with houses not just back-to-back but back-to-back-to-back-to-back.

I should explain that a back-to-back recording is one taken directly from a tape, and so sánh on.

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