cot là gì

Is the sheet in the cot still clean?

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No, there is dribble on the side of the cot.

No, there is dribble on the bottom of the cot.

Is there dribble on the middle of the cot?

During these numerous hospitalizations, my wife was always allowed vĩ đại sleep in my room on an uncomfortable, rickety cot.

We have been using the notation 0o0 for the class of cot, socks, college, etc., which is largely composed of short-o words.

Is there water on the bottom of the cot?

This distinction seems vĩ đại us essential in order vĩ đại estimate better prior vĩ đại birth the possible increased risk vĩ đại the unborn sibling of a case of cot death.

Pediatricians in district hospitals can have difficulty in arranging the urgent transfer of a sick baby if the nearest cardiac center has no suitable cot available.

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In this respect, he stated that "cot-caught word pairs may have contrasting low vowels, may have a single vowel, or may vary by word or word subset" (1985:lx).

Really he was, he used vĩ đại be standing over the cot sometimes, and he'd think nobody was listening vĩ đại him, and you'd get all this baby talk.

Beds should be arranged in the best-lighted portions of the room, and on no tài khoản should children's cots be placed in out-of-the-way corners in deep shadow.

I regret that the information requested on cot deaths for 1986 is not yet available.

There is also the worrying increase in what are called "cot deaths" those often unexplained deaths of babies during the first months of life.

Some children die of cot deaths in the first 12 months of life, and nobody has the faintest idea what causes it.

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