expensive nghĩa là gì

Recent research shows that complex mortgages were chosen by prime borrowers with high income levels seeking to lớn purchase expensive houses relative to lớn their incomes.

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These generous donations are recorded in the letters that accompanied the expensive transmission of specimens, which depended on the goodwill of ships' captains.

The downside to lớn this is that it is expensive and different broaches are required to lớn make different sized gears.

Research continues into ways to lớn make the actual solar collecting cells less expensive and more efficient.

Typical erasers are made from synthetic rubber, but more expensive or specialized erasers are vinyl, plastic, or gum-like materials.

The law allowed state taxpayers to lớn an income tax deduction for any expenses toward their children's tuition, textbooks and transportation to lớn school.

Students must also pay for various living expenses such as housing, food and student healthcare.

During this time, the college was floundering on expenses, but they managed to lớn carry on and keep the department alive.

Reports say the money will be divided based on several criteria such as on-field success, teams' expenses, marketplace factors and academic performance of student-athletes.

Deductions for lobbying and political expenses are limited.

They also deduct the expenses of the schools, churches, construction of the roads, hospitals and whatever else the town needed.

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These ratios will be used to lớn provide the respective automated calculations, e.g. to lớn automatically calculate the depreciation expenses for the capital expenditures.

Deductions for lobbying and political expenses are limited.

Such deductions may include personal expense items, such as a trang chủ mortgage interest deduction, and vary widely by jurisdiction.

State taxes are generally treated as a deductible expense for federal tax computation.

The family has also created a public fundraising page to lớn raise money for his legal expenses to lớn fight for an early release from prison.

The amount of the lien includes the corporation's legal expenses in enforcing the lien.

The defendants are calling for the lawsuit to lớn be thrown out and for the veteran politician to lớn pay their legal expenses.

It would mean defendants would have to lớn pay out for travel costs as well as legal expenses to lớn fight a case.

Instead, she was granted $15,000 monthly expenses plus $200,000 for use on legal expenses.

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