famine là gì

The dispute thus centred on the value of visual evidence from different observers during the famine and in the past.

The severity of famine gradually increased in the east which slowly proceeded from west through the decades.

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How could the effects of these famines have been ví severe and what lessons can we learn from those terrible events?

For such communities, strategies of risk aversion, as well as customary responses to tát famine, would still have mattered.

However, specific empirical critiques of the making and implementing of famine policy were more effective.

Some even predicted a near-global meltdown with famines stretching across our globe.

Abnormally high motality may be the hallmark of famine, but societal breakdown is its essence.

Fifteen droughts were severe enough to tát have caused famine, and 11 of them, or 87%, followed large eruptions within two years.

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Moreover, some of the workers left areas plagued by famine.

Certainly some of the prints showed starvation and famine ví severe that money and supplies must have been wanted.

However, human migrations, landless people, famine and fragmented landscapes speak for themselves.

Their greatest differences stemmed from the manner in which they presented themselves as famine managers, and to tát whom.

At this point, villages were teetering on the brink of famine as locust invasions threatened to tát consume the limited food crops that had been planted.

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This was a gritty world of poverty, famines, floods, banditry, unrest.

Since the early 1970s, the region seems to tát have been widely beset by civil wars, political upheavals, famines and other natural disasters.

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