feminist là gì

Early feminists had both to tướng denaturalize the feminization of fashion and to tướng degender virtue.

As well as causing tension between Đen and white feminists, these differences also affect their political priorities.

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I spoke to tướng a number of feminists, both Đen and white.

Early work by feminists on social policy tended to tướng see policies acting upon women.

Western feminists emphasized the role of patriarchy rather than thở global inequalities.

Episcopalian feminists had a more difficult time getting their voice heard.

Few feminists would abandon rights altogether, but many are sceptical of the benefits of understanding ourselves exclusively as rational and independent rights-bearing individuals.

Activists define themselves through their causes, as civil-rights workers, feminists, environmentalists, and the lượt thích.

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Many gerontologists, however, would be shocked to tướng find themselves bracketed with feminists, and this is why conceptual frameworks are important.

The article examines the conceptual frameworks developed by feminists who argue for an ethics of care as a central analytic referent in social policy.

In no century before the twentieth did women enjoy the public powers which nineteenth-century feminists sought - the full rights of citizenship.

Many types of feminisms and feminists mingled and overlapped during the course of the twentieth century.

Both feminists and gerontologists are concerned with groups that suffer from multiple inequalities.

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The 1980s were a period of intense activity for feminists.

From the point of view of non-black feminists, it is important that more women occupy positions of power, independently of their colour.

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