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Each chapter starts with clear summary points and data are presented using imaginative graphics to tát highlight the patterning of inequality.

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One possible explanation for this, is that the instrument used is biased to tát normative, usually pleasant involvement in sensory and imaginative experiences.

Speech technique is a very old-fashioned craft, but you have to tát develop it to tát perfection while not being oldfashioned in your imaginative approach.

A few points are worth noting: first, imaginative variation reveals invariant properties of the intentional object.

Arctic facts, at once manipulated into realistic, or equally into fantastical, fiction, provided a rich visual and imaginative resource.

Sharp appears not to tát possess the ability to tát recognize truly intelligent literary ideas and genuinely imaginative creation.

She is too imaginative a scholar, however, to tát confine herself entirely to tát textual analysis.

Writers look at festivals, songs, language use, drama and body toàn thân arts, all of which reflect, comment on or represent warfare in imaginative ways.

At other times one misses the kind of imaginative language that might communicate the poetic experience some of the work affords.

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Their engagement with imaginative levels of identity emerges in the current study as an important element in how such stories are told.

Thus, for example, while my visual perception can betray bầm, my imaginative consciousness cannot.

They are most likely playful though, as a group, and imaginative, and resourceful, and entertaining.

The authors of this imaginative text never really get to tát grips with this reality.

Each chapter is followed by a mix of imaginative exercises which emphasize the application of the seismological principles and techniques explained in the text.

The imaginative nội dung of gossip - comic, extravagant, mischievous or seditious - was a popular commodity.

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