invest là gì

The users of the water invested the communal power with the duty of protecting them against usurpers' efforts đồ sộ divert the water.

Moreover, human individuals and institutions "invest," metaphorically, or even literally, in other individuals or institutions đồ sộ enhance their own returns.

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The constant represents the expected project yield in capital (per unit invested), net of monitoring costs.

If timber price were đồ sộ fall by a third, then benefits are still comparable đồ sộ half the proceeds of logging being invested.

The material world, present or past, is imbued with social structures that people invest with social and symbolic meanings.

The amount of time invested was left đồ sộ the students' discretion and was recorded.

Risk-free investment pays a fixed anticipated return, and the gain is simply proportional đồ sộ the amount invested.

They therefore seek đồ sộ invest economically more efficiently through other vehicles such as public offer funds.

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Proposals for egalitarian redistribution are frequently objected đồ sộ on the grounds that they will undermine incentives đồ sộ work and invest in human capital.

This is a very small fund, which also has only 2 % invested in equities.

Nine of the self-harvesters believed they invested more cash in the subplot phàn nàn the value of the harvest yields, and 14 believed they invested less.

In data not shown, older women prove slightly more conservative, investing more in insurance products phàn nàn men.

Therefore, the model allows estimating farmers' economic advantages from investing in new methods through comparison of the flow of profits overtime under the two regimes.

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The access đồ sộ wage labor enabled a younger generation of men đồ sộ invest profits into new production regimes and ensure food security.

Unfortunately, health policy analysts have been so sánh invested in refining models of regulated competition that alternative models for organizing health care transactions are less developed.

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