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Separate areas provided opportunities for housekeeping, blocks, puzzles, games, and precast and manipulative toy play activities, as well as an option for individual reading.

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Women also use ai with manipulative predicates in request-type acts.

Manipulative crying would then be a conditioned, merely "unconscious" reflex.

Soltis addresses the issue of the communicative nội dung of crying in terms of honest signaling of need or vigor, or manipulative signaling.

Most of what has happened in human genetics in the last ten years has been the result of the astonishing manipulative power of molecular biology.

Interaction and communication among animals are often deceptive and manipulative, as well as cooperative.

Additionally, the interaction between gender and manipulative exploration was statistically significant.

Both types of information and structure may be held simultaneously lớn facilitate the different manipulative and generative purposes of the designer.

This stance towards the past is not simply a rationalising or manipulative rewriting of it by the people who gain power.

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Crying for proximity is not necessarily manipulative, therefore, but may contribute lớn infant survival.

How manipulative is this, with or without consent, and, if manipulative, is it unethical?

Nursery activities included không lấy phí play and some structured activities, including storytelling, singing songs, manipulative activities, and gross motor activities.

Given the manipulative domain name of this planner, these parameters are either an object name or a location name or both.

To what extent does science, if it is interpreted lớn be interventionistic, have anything lớn vì thế with nature and not merely with our manipulative powers?

The recruitment consequences of this pattern were investigated using manipulative experiments and observations.

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