meditation là gì

Thus working with vyu and the toàn thân is paramount, while meditation on the other hand is considered contrived and conceptual.

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They are provided for hiking as well as to tướng facilitate bird and landscape watching, meditation, and similar activities.

He is also a tour manager for his meditation group and is therefore able to tướng travel extensively.

The final stage of meditation in dhyna is considered to tướng be jhna.

There are many realms above the brahma realm that are accessible through meditation.

Inspired by his parents, he started to tướng learn to tướng meditate when he was 3 years old.

As an exercise he hikes to tướng the top of a snow covered mountain and meditates alone.

It's a place for taking strolls, for relaxing and meditating.

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We use the solitude to tướng meditate with simple, non-religious based meditation.

In the winter of 2463, a man is meditating on a tree.

Simple chord progressions were often used to tướng create a meditative feeling to tướng compliment the lyrical nội dung of the songs.

The prevalent mode of experience here is meditative rather than thở sensory.

The practice encourages the maker to tướng be naturally meditative as they create.

It veers between danceable, upbeat songs about cultivating a new romance and bluesy, meditative songs about how romances dissolve.

One quarter of non-believers sometimes pray, but more in a sense of meditative self-reflection.

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