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expand_more Chào buổi sáng! (Vietnamese usually tự not use time-specific greetings)

(buổi) sáng/ban sáng/ban ngày

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(buổi) sáng/ban sáng/ban ngày

Ví dụ về phong thái dùng

I could not open your attachment this morning. My virus-checker program detected a virus.

Tôi ko cởi được tệp tin gắn thêm kèm cặp sáng sủa ngày hôm nay, vì như thế công tác khử virus bên trên PC của tôi phân phát xuất hiện với virus vô tệp tin.

good morning!

Chào buổi sáng! (Vietnamese usually tự not use time-specific greetings)


(buổi) sáng/ban sáng/ban ngày

Ví dụ về đơn ngữ

The first thing in the morning the servant used to lớn go and fetch brandy for him to lớn drink.

His writing desk, where he wrote letters every morning after breakfast, is at the over of the room.

Both morning and evening editions were published from the 1950s through to lớn 1981, when the evening edition was permanently retired.

The following morning, he waited at the bus stop for her answer.

A frigid night allowed them to lớn walk from the island the next morning.

A genius and bright morning star to lớn his family.

Why would they not fight for their early morning star?

When the morning star rose ringed with red, the priest knew it was the signal for the sacrifice.

Venus is the morning star this month, rising at 5 a.m.

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As morning star observed we would tự better to lớn rely on our own constitution and laws.

The dust storms reduce the visibility and the day seems as early morning.

This ordnance was delivered from early morning until the last flight left its station at 1705.

It is extremely enduring, capable of working from early morning to lớn late evening.

The buses run rẩy every 15 minutes and are available from early morning until late night.

The old tradition of a very early morning service before breakfast has been replaced in most areas by a service in the later morning.

Share prices this morning only rose 3.7%, after which shares traded down mid-morning to lớn $5.57 per share.

Evidence markers dotted the road in front of the house, and a xế hộp was towed from the driveway mid-morning.

We tự not take a cup of chocolate at exactly mid-morning.

Having a mid-morning snack and an afternoon snack should tự the trick.

This xế hộp is often full from mid-morning till after dinner.

Left home page a bit after 5.30 this morning and it was a beautiful time to lớn walk.

I don't lượt thích the way and the things you are saying to lớn bầm this morning.

He was hit in the knee, and we visited him this morning.

So share this story if this was you this morning!

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We did put our rates up this morning, though...



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