negative nghĩa là gì

Negative streamers propagate against the direction of the electric field, ví in the same direction as the electrons drift velocity.

The album also received some negative reviews at the time.

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A typical cell has four main components: positive electrode, negative electrode, separator and electrolyte.

The issue was controversial at the time with much negative association with the so-called illegal immigrants and boat people.

If all eigenvalues have negative real part, the equilibrium is a stable equation.

In the case of invincibility is nearly always granted as a temporary bonus, because otherwise it negates the challenge of the game.

Her powers were negated by the presence of ultra-violet energy.

The resistive work of breathing often negates the gains of good positioning close vĩ đại the lung centroid.

The total seal length is rather long, however, which may negate this advantage.

Directly negates any need for good works vĩ đại attain salvation.

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Similarly, when dye is put in water, negative charge is generated.

The force draws bacteria, which possess a negative charge on their cell walls, towards the surface.

He proposed that the atmosphere on the early earth was reducing, meaning it had an excess of negative charge.

When the electrode is exposed vĩ đại a negative charge, the oxidised skin disappears, and it becomes conducive vĩ đại electricity.

Similar vĩ đại the electron, the muon is an elementary particle with a negative charge.

Decisions taken nationally have had a very negative effect on how we can operate.

The reason is, and it's the same as in most sports, because it can have a very negative effect on the people watching the game.

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The negative effect is more than vãn the positive effect on us and our business.

Having more non-religious friends had a negative effect on the importance of faith and worship attendance, the study showed.

At this stage, we tự not know whether this has a positive or negative effect on birds.