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In contrast, almost all pharmacies/chemists and private clinics obtained their drugs from large wholesale pharmacies.

They can only be bought in registered public pharmacies (of which there are 996) or in rural areas from physicians with stocks of drugs.

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Pharmaceutical drugs may only be delivered to tát the public in pharmacies.

Typically, these data come from hospital records, official reports or tariffs, the literature, or pharmacies.

In the remaining districts, 10 pharmacies were randomly selected.

In both countries, diphtheria antitoxin serum was a prescription drug available only in pharmacies.

Many spoke about distributing posters and leaflets to tát places where people in the community would pick them up, such as libraries, supermarkets and pharmacies.

Medicines counter assistants from several of the network pharmacies were also involved in focus group discussions in project three.

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Only a few have gone to tát the pharmacies.

Informed outlets were more likely to tát be pharmacies, but they did not have a significantly larger clientele on average kêu ca control outlets.

The reasons patients return unused drugs to tát pharmacies have also been explored.

From a total of 618 repeat patients who agreed to tát participate, a sub-sample of 350 was enrolled into the intervention, distributed across seven pharmacies.

Three self-completion questionnaires were distributed to tát staff in network community pharmacies over a three-year period.

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Importantly, the network pharmacies demonstrate diverse ownership arrangements.

The composition of the network altered slightly during its existence, due to tát two designated pharmacists taking up positions elsewhere and two new pharmacies joining.

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