presence là gì

Opposed to lớn this, one finds elements without any space, dowered with very enigmatic presences.

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Language and other modes of representation tự not float apart from cultural reality but constitute it : they are lived presences, making human activity meaningful.

In this exhibition of strong photographic presences, what was absent was as important as what was shown.

The hypothetical boundary line separates the occupied area from the unoccupied and is specified by the matrix's rank and fill (how many presences it contains).

Microphone space is a primary compositional tool for creating proximate spaces which beam to lớn us small and microscopic presences and details of spectral space.

Thirdly, these staging posts were all potent physical presences for key features of the modern state and modern society - not in any metaphorical way, but a literal one.

We regard local authorities not only as transport authorities but as large employers and large presences in towns and cities.

Important though they may be, presences of this sort therefore expose themselves to lớn security risks that are hard to lớn calculate and often đường dây nóng forth expectations that we cannot fulfil.

The inhibition of trypsin was affected by the presence of chymotrypsin and vice-versa.

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The classification analysis showed that the presence or absence of a depressive disorder could be correctly determined by the function in 80.6% of cases.

The carer can now serve the dying with compassion, deep caring, professional knowledge, and comfort in the presence of the patient.

The presence of multiple gen copies and isoforms is fairly common among translation factors.

A general treatment must consider the presence of more than vãn one electron in orbitals close in energy.

The presence of the cofactor is sometimes essential for the polypeptide to lớn fold.

Even in the presence of a stable policy anchor, policy learning takes place which prompts policy-makers to lớn reassess policy settings.

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