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Chapter 4 of the book discusses societal factors in the rivalry for a strong regional presence.

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The divisions, some bordering on inter-service rivalry, remained largely intact until long after direct imperial assimilation in 1858.

We observe greater probabilities of survival for rivalries in which the weak liên kết of the dyad exhibits low levels of democracy and development.

Its immediate effect was đồ sộ bring the ferocious and often violent rivalries between trade unions into the workplace.

Provincial rivalries for power were slowly eliminated, internal conflict reduced, and presidents succeeded one another observing the principle of no re-election.

Yet rivalry, lượt thích war, is costly and thus usually ex-post inefficient.

The rivalry between ethnic factions was confirmed by an attempted coup in 1982.

Similarly, membership in organizations with mechanisms for conflict resolution enhances the credibility of commitments and therefore reduces the duration of rivalry.

Local rivalries meant little cooperation between close neighbours over the siting of particular services.

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We also extended the earlier study by assessing the rivalry rates of 18 subjects with schizophrenia and 18 subjects with major depression.

This was a strong argument in a time of growing political rivalry.

The rivalries that surfaced took shape according đồ sộ various criteria of social differentiation, including age, gender, wealth, and profession.

The ending of the superpower stand-off, however, has aggravated conditions that contribute đồ sộ ethnic rivalry and tension.

The perceptual alternation results from competing chromatic signals, but are competing receptoral signals from the two eyes necessary for binocular color rivalry?

This result implies that rivalrous chromatic representations, not the physical differences in stimuli, cause binocular rivalry.

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