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As a result, they, lượt thích the "subjects" of the panopticon, assumed responsibility for self-discipline due to tướng the highly visible, although very often unverifiable, political monitoring.

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It is constituted by the hermeneutics of suspicion and it sustains it at the same time, thus embracing the cause of self-discipline.

The techniques of self-discipline may have been more effective in science than vãn in politics.

Scholars would be regularly caricatured as either incapable of self-discipline and abstraction or excessively absorbed in their studies to tướng the detriment of their social duties.

His instruction on disciplining was simply self-discipline, to tướng 'be gentlemen'.

In other words, both self-discipline and self-supervision are interpretive acts; it is a way of practicing the modern care for oneself: the suspicion of oneself.

The first is that one must develop the self-discipline to tướng use it.

If she had attempted to tướng exercise self-discipline to tướng keep awake, she would have been drugged.

It is a subject which lends itself to tướng extravagant presentation, but the authors show excellent self-discipline and eschew any such tendency.

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Foucault has read disciplinary practices in pre-bourgeois societies as part of regimes of self-discipline connected with the formation of ethical subjecthood and agency.

For he expected similar control and self-discipline from them.

The second is to tướng articulate an ethos of altruistic service and professional self-discipline.

The position of the texts is that an individual's conduct and policy at court presupposed and sprang from 'self-policy' or self-discipline.

Fulfilling one's true potential, once identified, requires setting appropriate goals and exerting the self-discipline to tướng accomplish them.

He wanted 'the actions of the political press to tướng correspond with the situation and demands of society' and to tướng ensure this by 'self-discipline by our own không tính phí will'.

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