stare là gì

The couple swiftly dances their way, không lấy phí from the observers' disapproving stares.

We are told that when approached the robot swivels its head in a disconcertingly human gesture, and stares at them.

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After all, the true seeing is within; and painting stares at you with an insistent imperfection.

Pilibossian stares at visitors through powerful round spectacles and walks with the help of a cane as he tells his story.

She stops at the kết thúc of the path and stares at the judges facing her, watching them take in her body toàn thân wrapped in its little hot pink đồ lót costume.

Similarly, perceivers can convey their appraisals to lớn targets through facial expressions (e.g., cheery smiles or menacing stares) and body toàn thân language (e.g., warm hugs or formal handshakes).

She openly defied them to lớn stare - or run rẩy.

They had no actual homes of their own, save a small room for lodging and the four walls to lớn stare at.

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A justicier does not simply stare at an array of individual outcomes; she assesses them according to lớn a principle.

Certainly it is true that there are many people who are 'quite nội dung to lớn stare at the back of a laptop'.

One woman introduced bầm to lớn her brother, who at first responded to lớn my name with a blank stare.

On its roof a number of plastic prehistoric animals stare down at bầm.

If we sit and stare at an individual nucleus, we cannot see any change that will tell us that it is getting ready to lớn decay.

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Participants were instructed to lớn stare at the letter strings and the square during the rest periods.

The words are staring us in the face.

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