stipulated là gì

Correction terms should be included in the measurement model when the conditions of measurement are not exactly as stipulated.

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The decree also stipulated for the flags to tướng measure 14.3 meters by 25 meters, which are raised on flag poles that are 50 meters high.

The broader definition stipulates that the plant must receive some noticeable benefit from the carnivorous syndrome.

The 1866 supplement also stipulated that the words coal and iron police appear on their badges.

The settlement stipulated that no mention could be made of the lawsuit in public.

The minister may also issue certain stipulations with the permit, such as the maintenance/preservation of the site by the owner/lessee.

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Another stipulation was that government inspectors must be in every meat production facility.

Second, stipulations require counselors to tướng develop a list of coursework for continuing his or her education if he or she fails to tướng meet graduation requirements.

One of the stipulations of the giảm giá khuyến mãi was that the record had to tướng include an original tuy nhiên.

There was a stipulation that the new building had to tướng be well under construction within a year.

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