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In the present study, we presented audiotaped stories that varied in presentation tốc độ (normal rate, storyteller rate, and slow rate) to tướng each participant.

They were asked to tướng imagine an individual listener and the language evolved to tướng become an electronic sườn of the pre-literate storyteller idiom.

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He includes in this category: advertisements, songs, drama troops, comedy storytellers (rakugo), and comedy duos (manzai).

At present, the authors have built a simple storyteller whose behaviour is scripted using control tags.

One storyteller, for instance, remembered strict, ruthless teachers - a harrowing experience.

Perhaps this research can be best summarized by the author's repeated conclusion that ' storytellers are made, not born ' (pp. 160, 170).

The use of questions serves as a tool to tướng display interest in response to tướng this kind of approach taken by the storytellers.

Readers should note that interim findings were authenticated by storytellers both during interviews and in follow-up sessions.

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That is, the recipient has somehow to tướng help the storyteller proceed to tướng the next step, entry into the story.

The preservation of choices, according to tướng these storytellers, frequently equated to tướng a redistribution of interests.

A minority of storytellers had undertaken teacher training.

Recall did not differ significantly in the normal versus slow conditions or in the storyteller condition.

With storytellers' lives, it seems, a gauntlet of challenge is thrown down for the organization under investigation.

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The setting and audience are usually stable and the storyteller is aware of the needs and capabilities of her audience.

The storyteller 's irony here, as in ex. 7, constitutes the summary conclusion to tướng the discussion, which has already made the par ticipants' attitudes clear.

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